Of Words That Sting

My website is called August Raindrops. Two of my favourite things about life. I absolutely love the name of my birthday month and love the rain even more. Yes, this is in fact my birthday month. On the 28th of August, I celebrate my 32nd birthday. I have yet to decide what I should do but I know I actually want to celebrate it unlike last year’s.

Life for me has been awesome. Lately even better because I somehow have found peace in myself. Sounds a bit cliche, doesn’t it? I have renewed energy to strive ahead and reach my goals. It’s been raining lately. Rain has such a beautiful sound. It leaves behind the clearest air and the green is a wonder to see.

I am currently in my living room writing this. I tend to love blogging in the evenings but I thought I should stop that habit. I should blog when I feel the need to rather than at a set time. Part of the reason I have been inconsistent is that I wait until evening and by then I will be too busy or too tired to blog.

Okay, now I have a question for you. How do you react when you receive less than positive news about yourself? A friend recently told me what some former acquaintances of mine were saying about me and it hurt. I have not been keeping in touch with anyone since I started freelancing. It’s a bit surprising to realize people actually think about you when you don’t think about them. Worse yet, think negative things about yourself and celebrate your hardships.

It’s such a strange thing to me. I get so easily immersed in my own little world I forget people know me. When I was struggling as I started my freelancing career after quitting my job, I never imagine anyone would find that pleasing. And these are folks you didn’t speak to since college which was 8 years ago.

Anyway, I thanked her for not telling me when I was still struggling to get work. It would have honestly broken me. At least now my freelancing is picking up and things are looking much better. This is a journey I have loved. I love the independence, the control, and the fact that the only thing that can fail me is my own lack of effort.

So here goes Sharon. About to turn a year older. Celebrating small successes that shine a light on what seemed like a dark path. Let me tell you today, I will soon be travelling the world as I freelance.

This has been my diary so I am not afraid to share my journey here. The failures, the attempts, the wins, all of it. I do hope you have a lovely day.

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